Hawk Kundalini Tent 

The Hawk Tent is organized by a group of yogis celebrating their completion of the 300 hour kundalini teacher training taught by Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. The workshops offered here are samplings of the beautiful teachings in the kundalini yoga linage.

All You Need Is Love
(with Debra Cerbini and Amanda Harding)
Bring your open hearts to this chakra workshop.  
We will offer a brief overview of the chakra system with kriyas (exercises) presented to open and enhance the heart and other key chakras.  
Join us for more loving relationships and friendships -- couples, singles and beginners are most welcome.
Enter the Dragon
(with Victor Serino) 
Several ancient cultures have practiced a unique breathing technique which the Kundalini Yogis call Breath of Fire.
Regular practice of this breathing technique is said to benefit oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can purify your blood, detoxify your lungs, and align your body, mind and spirit! Breathe and heal yourself! 
Kundalini Yoga “Breath Hacks”
Upgrade your Life!
(with Antoinette Santodonato)
Would you like to go from crazy to calm in less than 3 minutes?  If we can learn to relax in the mist of chaos, that is true freedom. Breath hacks are simple, effective techniques that allow us to take charge of our emotions and supercharge our body on the spot.  These techniques called Pranayama cultivate conscious awareness of our breath, the life force that both energizes and relaxes us.  Practicing controlled breathing helps us to reset to Blissful & Balanced.  Experience how special hand positions called mudras combined with the power of Breath Meditation can help us achieve immediate and powerful results.  Learn the elegant “default” breath technique that always delivers.  Pranayama is the ultimate reboot-tool for everyone anytime. Take it with you and let energy be your edge!
Open to all levels- chairs will be available


Release Resistance and Realize Your Radiance
(with Jennifer Greenwald)
 Resistance happens when we fall out of alignment with our Soul Truth. 
 When we are unconsciously resisting we feel angry, frustrated, irritable, depressed, and/or anxious. This is simply because what we deeply want is not aligned with our reality. 
 This workshop will teach you tried and true techniques how to recognize your resistance as well as breathing techniques and a mantra to help you work through stubborn blocks. 
 All levels welcome
Laya Yoga – an ancient style of meditation to move energy using a mantra for Universal Truth and Oneness
Breathing to Balance
(with Sharon Bates and Vicki Krouse demonstrating)
Learn balanced, stress free movement with breath techniques applied to the body's centerline.  This class will connect you to your bodies natural design for alignment and propel you forward blissfully.
What Speaks to You?
(with Dyanne Michalowski)

“We meditate so that our minds can be sharp and alert. We chant mantras so that our souls may be ignited like candles. We walk in the light of this beauty.” ~ Yogi Bhajan
Please join me for an inner journey to stir up the voice of your heart and the song of your soul. Learn powerful mantras to enhance your meditation experience. Discover how the use of mantras can help you to refocus your attention, remain centered, and bring you to a state of elevated consciousness.
Rythms of Light
(with Emmanni Martine) 
All voices bring healing and we all were made to shine! Move and lend your voice in vibrating sacred Kundalini yoga mantras. Continue the healing ripple throughout space and time over rhythmic beats played on traditional African djembe. All beings welcome! 
3:45-5pm kundalini yoga with Jennifer Greenwald
Energetic Tune Up
Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini is a powerful medium that helps give you the experience of your Soul. And your soul knows infinite energy.  It is your connection to all energy. Through breath-work, movement, meditation, and mantras, the Kundlaini energy within is released and profound transformations are made possible. 
Take time to tap into Self. Connect deeply with Spirit. Shift and uplift.